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Emails not sent or delivered
Emails not sent or delivered

An email hasn't been sent, delivered or ended in a SPAM folder

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Did you sent an email to a client and it wasn't received?

Your client should check the spam folder first

Billdu sends documents from The name of your company appears in front of the email address so your clients know it's from you.

An email may land in a SPAM folder or be filtered due to a security setting of client's email app – this is something we or you can't really influence.

You can tell whether or when an document has been sent or viewed by checking it's status - take a look here to learn more.

What you can do:

  • Change the wording
    By changing the default email text and subject the chances are higher your email doesn't get filtered. Change the text and subject under Settings - Client communication

  • Use your own email address

    • mobile app: Navigate to Settings - Client communication and switch on "Send invoices with iOS mail" or "Send invoices with your mail app"
      Click here to learn more

    • website: Use your email's smtp settings to send invoices from your email address.
      Click here to learn more

  • Share/send a PDF files
    From the action menu select Export as PDF and select an app (e.g. Gmail, Whatsapp) that supports PDF files. You can send PDF files as regular files to your client with any suitable app.
    Click here to learn how to create and save PDF files

  • Text/Share online links
    Instead of a file you can send or share a link. You can send it as message as well. The link will point to an online invoice, your customers can view it, pay directly online or download as PDF.
    Click here to learn more how to send and share links

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