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How emailing on our website works and how to send email with SMTP

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As a default settings, the Billdu app sends documents from our mailing server. Emails come from the email address with your business name displayed in the front. Take a look here to learn more about the basics.

Own email address (SMTP)

You can also send emails from your own email address by using SMTP. You will need to know your exact SMTP mail settings. Contact your mail administrator or consult the documentation to your email client. 

Specifics using your own email:

  • Documents are sent as PDF files

  • Documents are sent from your email address

  • You receive replies to your email

  • No notifications about email opening can be displayed in Billdu

How to set up your email address:

  • Navigate to Settings Document SettingsEmail settings

  • As an Email sending method choose SMTP

  • Enter your Login (mostly email address), password, SMTP server address, port and security settings (SSL/TLS). That information should be available in a user guide to your mail client. You can also contact your mail administrator in order to obtain those data.

  • Click on the Connection test to test if the connection was established successfully. If everything's correct, a green message 'SMTP test successful' appears. Now your email messages will be routed via your mail server and delivered from your email address

If an error message appears during a test or when sending an email, forward it to your system admin or consult a user guide to your mail client. The error message is a reply from your mail server informing you about the nature of the problem. 


Note: It may be necessary to contact your system/mail provider to enable access for Billdu's mail server. We are using Amazon AWS located in Ireland.

You have to authorize access to your Google account

Google account with 1-step verification:

  • Sign in to your Google Account

  • Go to Security > Less secure app access

  • Click Turn on access

  • Use your Gmail email and password in your SMTP settings in Bildu

Google account with 2-step verification:

  • In the Signing to Google section click on App passwords

  • Select the app and device you want to generate the app password for

  • Generate the password

  • Copy the password and use it in Billdu's SMTP settings as the SMTP password

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