History and events

History and events of your documents

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Billdu lets you know when an invoice has been sent, viewed or paid, or when an estimate/quote has been accepted.

Billdu can also send you a notification about such an event, take a look here to learn more about notifications.


When you send or share a document the status changes to Sent. Once Billdu recognizes that it has been opened, the status changes to Viewed.

You can see the exact date & time when a document has been sent or opened, when a payment has been added or removed in the History of the document.


In the column Status you can see whether your invoice has been already sent or if it has been viewed by your client.


The timeline displays the most critical events on a document. You will find a complete event list on Billdu website when you preview a document and scroll down. The timeline display essential events such as:

  • creation date

  • when a payment was added/removed

  • when the invoice got overdue and estimate not valid

  • when and to whom an email has been sent and when it was opened

  • which document was created from the current document

How it works and limitations

  • The status changes to Send when you send or share the document using the Send button

  • The status changes to Viewed when your customer opens an email or the link

  • The status won't change to Send when you print a document

  • The status won't change to Viewed when your client opens a PDF file that you've downloaded

  • The status won't change to Viewed, when you send a document using via iPhone or iPad from own email app and the customer's email blocks tracking pixels

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