• In the main menu tap on Documents and Invoices

  • Click on Create new invoice or select the symbol + in the upper right corner

  • Create a Client. Select from the list or tap on the + icon to create a client from scratch. You can create a new client from your phone's contacts (Choose from contacts). Save

  • Select Details to change the issue and due date, discount, shipping or payment method. You can add a header or note. You can also set the document's currency and language

  • Select Back to get to the invoice screen

  • Tap on + Add item to add new services or products, even expenses. Either choose items from your list or enter all the necessary information for a new item
    Hint: click on the gearwheel to change your vat rate or vat name

  • Select your preferred payment option

  • By clicking on the Attach photos add images to the invoice. Take a picture or select from the Gallery, add Name and Description and press Add

  • Click on Preview to see your invoice

  • By clicking on the upper right icon (three dots) you choose the invoice color, invoice template and several template options (show, hide or rename invoice details)

  • Your invoice will get a new number if you are online. Otherwise, the invoice will get a number as soon as your internet connection is active

  • Now your invoice is ready and you Save it


  • Navigate to Documents - Invoices

  • Click on the blue button New invoice 

  • A new window appears and you can begin to create an invoice

  • The invoice gets its number automatically - you can alter it if needed now or anytime later

  • Select a client from the list or click on + Create a new client. A new client always appears at the end of the list. You can search for a client as well by writing the name in the client field

  • Enter an item - enter name, description, quantity and unit price. In case you've selected your company type as “Invoices with VAT” in your Business settings, you can  choose a tax on your invoices

  • Check if the issue date or due date is correct

  • Click on More options to enter a reference number, order number or to choose another payment type. You can also change the currency, invoice language, add a discount (in % or as a flat rate) or add shipping costs

  • Enter or change the introduction text and add some notes if necessary

  • Click on Save

  • A new window with the invoice preview appears

  • At the top of the invoice, there are several icons - here you can change the language of the invoice, edit, duplicate, send, download as PDF, create a credit note, send a reminder and delete the invoice

Note: Items created in invoice are not saved into the Items section. If you want to use the same item in the next invoice again, we recommend creating it in the Items section first.

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