When setting up your account for the first time, Billdu tries to fill in all necessary details such as currency, country, location, vat and vat name. 

Sometimes the vat name or rate may differ, or you need to add another vat rate, so we've made it easier for you to change it right in the beginning. In the first 3 invoices you create there's a gear wheel icon displayed when adding an item. Just click on it and the app redirects you to VAT settings. You can change the vat rate and return to your invoice. 

If you decide to change the vat settings anytime later:

  • Navigate to Settings - Document settings

  • Select VAT settings on the top menu. The VAT-name and rates are based on your current country settings

  • Turn on Invoices with VAT if necessary

  • You can enter 3 vat rates, which will then be available for you while creating invoices or items. A vat rate with a 0% value will always be available in your invoices. 

  • You can also change the VAT name if necessary

  • Save the settings (on Android just go back



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