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Create invoices from other documents
Create invoices from other documents

Create an invoice from estimate, quote, order or proforma invoice

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You can create invoices from other documents such as Purchase orders, Pro forma invoices or Estimates/Quotes.

Note: It's not possible to create an invoice from a Delivery note, because it doesn't contain any prices or taxes. If you'd like to create Delivery notes and Invoices we suggest to create a Purchase order first from which you can create later both.

Hint: If you don't see the button or the option to create an invoice, you've already did it in the past. Check your document history for more details.


  • In the Documents section select Estimates, Pro forma invoices or Orders (eCommerce app)

  • A list of all documents appears

  • Select and tap the desired document you want to create an invoice from

  • Choose "Convert to an invoice" from the menu below

  • A new invoice appears with the data from the previous document

  • You can change any data at this point

  • When you are ready click Save - a new invoice with a new number has been created


  • In the Documents section click on Estimates, Orders or Pro forma invoices 

  • A list of documents appears

  • Choose the desired document and click on it

  • A preview appears

  • In the upper right corner you will find a Create button 

  • Click on the button and select Create invoice 

  • A new invoice is created with the order data 

  • Change the date and details if necessary and click Save

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