Recurring Invoices

How to create, set and send recurring invoices

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Recurring Invoicing tool creates and sends invoices automatically and in regular periods. It's a tool that creates identical invoices for a specified time and emails it to a client.

It can be accessed only on the Billdu website.

Important note: Invoices with monthly recurrence at the end of the month will get a shorter recurrence period after a month with fewer days. E.g. If you set a recurring invoice on 31st Jan, the next invoice will be created on 28th Feb. A third invoice will be then created on 28th March (not on 31st)

  • Choose recurrence (monthly, weekly, yearly) and number of cycles (1 to indefinitely)

  • Select whether to send the invoice as an email to a client. In this case, the email address has to be saved in the client's settings first

  • Choose a client and enter other invoice details

  • Click Save

 From now on, an invoice will be created in set time intervals. The invoice layout depends on the settings saved in your Document settings. Find out more about recurring invoicing in our BLOG.

Recurring invoices are sent using your web email settings

If you update the details in your client's profile, please also update your recurring invoices accordingly. For instructions, refer to this article: Change Client details on a document


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