our documents get a default numbering when you create a business. Invoices, estimates, orders and delivery notes begin with the number 001.

You can change the numbering to match your needs. Go to  Settings - Document settings - Numbering and there you’ll find sections for all kind of document types.

You can either select a predefined numbering format or change it to your own. Use the characters YY for the year and  NN for document numbers.

Change the Next document number to a number you need for the next invoice and it will receive that number next time you create an invoice.

How it works:

  • The numbering format NNN creates invoices 001, 002, 003

  • The numbering format YYYYNNN creates invoices 2019001, 2019002, 2019003…The numbering format INV-YYYYNNNN and next number 580 create invoices INV-20190580, INV-20190581, INV-20190582...

Important notes:

Each of your companies has its numbering

If you edit, change or click the number which Billdu has assigned to a document while creating it, then the automatic numbering is disrupted. This is useful if you want to create documents with different numbers and don’t want to set it back in Settings each time.

If you change a number directly on an invoice, it does not affect your overall numbering - this can be done in the Document settings only.

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