iPhone and iPad

Billdu uses your native iOS mail app to send emails. Your email messages will be sent from your own email address, and customers will recognize it easily. You can make use of your email address list, and all sent documents can be found in the Sent items folder of your mail app. Billdu doesn't use third-party mail apps.

You can change the mail sending method to use the Billdu website settings. Under Settings - Email templates & settings disable Send with iOS Mail App. From now on your invoices will be sent by our server (or your SMTP settings on the website) and the settings in your Billdu website will be used. For more information see the section Email in web app


How to change the outgoing email address

You can add another email address to your iOS device and switch between the email accounts while sending invoices – click here to learn more. You can select from which address your emails are delivered. Set a primary email address in your mobile device settings under Settings – Mail – Default account 


when sending an invoice

  • Select a document
  • Tap on Email
  • On the screen with the email message click on From
  • A menu appears on the bottom, and you can select one of your email addresses


The Android app uses third-party mail apps (such as Gmail, Yahoo, GMX, etc.) to send emails because Android devices don't have an own email app. When you send an email from Billdu a menu appears where you can choose from installed mail apps. Billdu displays all apps with emailing possibilities to you.

If you've set a default mail app for Billdu and would like to change it, take a look here

Undelivered emails and spam

If you've sent an email from your mobile app and it hasn't been delivered, you may want to check the settings of your native mail app. Also, check the Sent items - if the invoice is in there, then it has been sent.

An email may land in client's SPAM folder or be filtered out due to high-security settings of the client's mail app - this is something you or us can't really influence.

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