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Subscription isn't active
Subscription isn't active
Updated over a week ago

There might be more reasons:

1. We weren't notified about your purchase

Send us your Google or Apple bill, invoice or a screenshot.
We will activate it for you right away! 

2. Different account

If you purchase a subscription with a link, it is activated for a specific account. You can use the subscription by logging in to Billdu with an email address mentioned in that email.

3. Different business

Every business in your account needs a subscription. Check if you've bought the subscription for the specific business.

3. The payment wasn't processed

Check your bank account if the transaction was really carried out. Sometimes the payment processor or bank declines a transaction, and the payment isn't fully processed. 

4. Exceeding clients

You have reached the maximum number of clients. Take a look here to resolve it.

5. Using a specific feature

You try to use Quotes/Estimates or another feature with a wrong subscription.

Take a look to our pricing and subscription and check for your requested feature.

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