There might be more reasons if your subscription wasn't recognized. Maybe it wasn't activated automatically, or you have bought it with a different Billdu account.

  1. No information from Google Play or App Store
    In this case send us your Google or Apple bill, invoice or a screenshot. Also, state the e-mail address you use to log into your Billdu account. We will activate it for you right away! 

  2. Bought for a different Billdu account
    If you've purchased a subscription via a link sent with an email then the subscription was activated for a Billdu account with that email address. You can use the purchased subscription by logging with that email address to your Billdu account

  3. The payment wasn't processed
    You might want to check your bank account or PayPal account if the transaction was really carried out. Sometimes the payment processor or the bank declined a transaction, and the payment wasn't processed. 

Read more about our subscriptions and how it works in the section Pricing and subscription.

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