Money Back Guarantee

Refund and money back guarantee

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Signed up to Billdu and not happy with it? You can apply for our Money Back Guarantee within 30 days after your first subscription purchase. We would also appreciate the reason for your decision as we'd like to improve our app in the future.

  1. It's important to know where you've bought your subscription - Apple, Google or Billdu

  2. If you're not sure, check on the Billdu website for the origin of your subscription.

  3. Proceed with a refund procedure according to your payment method:

Apple (iOS)

If you've bought a subscription in the iOS app, you have to claim a refund directly at Apple.

Subscriptions bought with Apple are handled solely by Apple.

  • Go to or look for the link "Report a problem" on your iTunes bill

  • Enter the Apple ID and password that you used to buy the item, then choose Sign in

  • Choose Report a Problem next to the item that you need help with

  • Select a reason from the menu

  • Follow the onscreen steps

  • You might need to send more information to Apple but usually not

Please note that in case of Apple in-app payments, the rules, terms and conditions of Apple apply. We have no influence on Apple's decision to decline a refund whatsoever.

Google Play (Android)

Send us your Order Receipt (it contains an number starting with GPA)

Subscription from Billdu (Card/Pay Pal)

We will refund you immediately. Send us the Billdu invoice or the invoice number. Depending on the payment type (card, bank transfer or PayPal) it can last 24-72 hours for your money to arrive back to your account.

Please be aware that the final decision about accepting/declining such a request is solely on our side; however we always try to accommodate to your needs and find the best solution in this situation.

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