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API is an interface through which two applications can communicate with each other and exchange data. It's a package of methods (see Documentation) that can be used to communicate between applications. This requires knowing your unique API key to be able to send data to the business in your Billdu account and also the apiSecret (which serves as a password)

Billdu uses unidirectional (inward) communication - which means other apps can send data to Billdu.

With our API, you can create clients and documents (invoices, orders) and send them by email.

API key and secret can be found in the Settings section on the Billdu website.

Only a Billdu account owner can access this section.

Each business has its own key and secret.


If you have any issues or feature requests concerning the general usage of the API please use the issue section in this Github repository https://github.com/billduapp/api_documentation


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