With this feature, your clients can pay an invoice by the most credit/debit cards or PayPal using the Pay now button. The payment itself is handled by Stripe or PayPal based on the chosen service (so-called payment processor).

Please note: Billdu does not handle the payments; we only make it easier for your clients to pay you. The payment processor you choose enables, declines, or refunds these payments.

Payments with Stripe

Notifications will appear once a payment has been made. The invoice is automatically marked as paid, you will receive a push-message on your mobile device, in the Notification center on the website and in the document timeline as well. 

Pay Now button on a computer

Pay Now button on a mobile device

The Pay Now button doesn't appear in the preview.

Payments with PayPal

Cancel the service 

Navigate to Settings - Payment options - Stripe/PayPal. Click on the green switch - it turns gray. From now on, the Pay Now button won't be visible. You can still log in to your PayPal or Stripe account and manage your payments, but the Pay Now button will disappear from your online invoices - it will, however, stay on PDF invoices you've already sent.

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