An accountant's account:

  • is accessible on the Billdu website (not in the mobile app)

  • is completely for free

  • can be connected to any Billdu account

  • can be connected to multiple businesses. You can see documents of connected companies

  • shows Invoices and Expenses

  • invoices can be marked as "Processed" 

  • documents can be exported as PDF, MDB or CSV

    Click here to learn more about how to invite an accountant/bookkeeper 

How an accountant sends an invitation to another business:

  • Click on Settings - Clients and select Invite client 

  • Enter the email address of your client and click on Send invitation

  • An email invitation will be sent to your client

    Your client can

    • approve the email invitation 

    • click on Confirm connection in the section Settings - My team - Accountant 

  • Both accounts are now connected

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