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Card payments with Stripe

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By enabling Stripe payments, you can accept debit and credit card payments through Stripe. A Pay Now button appears on your invoices, and your customers can pay you instantly. To use this service you have have an account at Stripe. If you don't have any, Billdu will help you to create it.

How to enable the card payments

  • On an invoice click on Payment options
    (or navigate to ⚙️Settings – Payment options)

  • Click on Stripe (card payments)

  • A window with information about payment conditions appears. Click on Connect with Stripe

  • You will be redirected to Stripe’s page where you can connect with your Stripe account. If you create a new one, Billdu will help you by filling necessary data from your Billdu account

  • After the Setup return to Billdu

  • A Pay now button is now visible on your invoices and your customers can pay you. The payments go to your Stripe account and you can transfer it to your bank account later.

Now when your client pays an invoice using the “Pay now” button you will receive a push-message, it will appear in the Notification center and the invoice will be marked as paid.

How long does it take to get paid

The 1st payout to your bank account is made 7 - 10 days after the first payment. This initial holding period is necessary for complying with anti-money laundering regulations and to reduce the risk of fraud. Make sure your business and bank details account in your Stripe account are correct.

After this 1st holding period, the time it takes to transfer the money to your bank account depends on where you’re located. In the United States and Australia, it typically takes up to 2 business days. For Canada, the UK or Ireland, it can take up to 7 business days.

The card payments are handled by Stripe and not Billdu. All processed or declined payments and deposits to your bank are handled exclusively by Stripe. If you do not see your funds in your bank account, please check your Stripe Dashboard for the current payment status or your Stripe settings.

What are the fees

The fees vary depending on your Billdu subscription and country of residence. Our Premium subscription offers the lowest fees for every transaction. Check our the fee's list to learn more.

Cancel or disconnect

To remove the Pay Now button from your invoices, navigate to Settings – Payment options and turn off Stripe (card payments). The Pay Now button will not be displayed on your invoices anymore. It will, however stay on previously created PDF invoices. You can turn on Stripe payments anytime later.

If you want to disconnect your Stripe account from Billdu entirely, open the Billdu website, navigate to Settings – Payment options - Stripe (card payments) and click on the Disconnect button.

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