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Integrating with Xero

How to connect and integrate your Xero Account to Billdu

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What is Xero?

Xero is cloud-based accounting software for small businesses. It performs bookkeeping functions like invoicing and payroll and allows you to connect the program to a live bank feed.

Xero makes it easy to collaborate with your accountant or bookkeeper and get their help to manage your taxes and finances.

Why integrate with Xero?

The integration allows you to automatically synchronize your invoices with Xero Accounting. Once you connect your Billdu account with a Xero account, each sent invoice (along with client and tax information) automatically synchronizes with your Sales account in Xero.

You can also manually synchronize your invoices with group actions using the Actions button.

How to connect Billdu with Xero?

Enable the integration with Xero on the Billdu website. You only need to perform the connection once. After this action, any time you send an invoice from your device - mobile, tablet or desktop - it is synchronized to your Xero account.

  • You will be redirected to the Xero login page. Log in with your Xero credentials (email and password) and allow access for Billdu.

Now you've successfully connected your Xero account to Billdu. Proceed as follows:

  • Choose a revenue account in Xero you'd like your invoices to be sent to

  • Select whether to automatically synchronize your invoices to Xero when they are sent. If this option is switched on, every invoice marked as sent (both website and mobile app) will be sent to your Xero account.

    • If you choose not to automatically export your invoices to Xero, you can still export them manually. Select one or more invoices, click on the Actions button and from the menu select Export and Xero.

  • Tax match: The taxes in your Billdu account should match the taxes of your Xero account. Please match the tax settings before linking your accounts. If taxes do not match, you will need to reconcile your invoices in Xero manually.

  • Currency match: The currency in your Billdu account should match the currency of your Xero account. If they do not match, your setup will be incomplete.

  • When you're ready, and everything is completed & matched, click on Complete at the top of the page. Now you're set up and ready to proceed.

  • Once you've sent an invoice to your customer, it is synchronized to Xero. Check your Xero account by logging in and navigating to your chosen revenue account by clicking the Business tab. Select Invoices and choose All. You should see your invoice in the list.

Do you get an error message?

Take a look here to resolve it. Based on the error message you can resolve most issues.

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