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Invite a bookkeeper/accountant
Invite a bookkeeper/accountant

How to send an invitation and enable access to your accountant and bookkeeper

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Invite an accountant or bookkeeper to Billdu and enable access to your documents.

  • Navigate to ⚙️Settings - My team

  • In the mobile app tap on ⊕ Add a new team member and select Accountant

  • On the website click on ⊕ Add accountant in the Accountants section

  • Enter the accountant's Email address

  • Click on Invite or Send invitation

What happens next?

  • Your accountant will receive an email with an invitation and will be prompted to create an account by typing a new password

  • If an accountant's account is already present at Billdu, confirm the connection with Assign accountant

  • By clicking on "Accept connection" in the body of the email message the accountant's account is created and linked to your Billdu account

  • If an accountant's account was already present at Billdu, the accounts get connected automatically

Hint: If there's an error message in the accountant's account or no documents displayed, navigate to Clients and click on Confirm to confirm the connection

Note: You can also cancel the accountant's access to your company in your Accountant section. The accountant can cancel the connection in the Clients section

note: An accountant has only access to a company from which an invitation has been sent. You can enable access to multiple accountants or for different accountants to each of your businesses.

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