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Dashboard and Statistics
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Use the dashboard for a comprehensive overview of your business and statistics. If your company applies tax to invoices it will be also shown in the statistics under  every total summary.


On app's home screen you can see an overall statistics of your business. The app displays your unfulfilled orders, upcoming appointments and quote requests waiting to be processed.

You can also get a fast overview of all overdue and unpaid invoices and also paid invoices from this year.

By clicking on Statistics > you'll get to a new section with a more detailed overview.

You can select a time-frame, a specific client and currency (if there's more than one in your invoices). You can see invoices (credit notes count as negative invoices), expenses or balance (with invoices and expenses together). The app displays also the tax in this view.

Zoom the display horizontally with your fingers to see more details.
Tap on a colour bar to display the exact value.

In the invoices and expenses view scroll to left/right to see All, Paid, Unpaid and Overdue statistics.

note: The time-frame of This year and Last year is influenced by the Fiscal year start. Q1-Q4 display the result for a calendar year.



The dashboard appears every time you enter Billdu.

On the first screen, it shows your company balance, invoices and expenses. The second screen displays paid, unpaid, and overdue invoices separately. The third screen shows your expenses.

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