Fast and mass expense upload

Brisk and bulk upload of your expenses, bills and receipts

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We try to make the upload of bills, receipts, and invoices to your expenses as comfortable as possible. You can save your expenses in a default way by navigating to Expenses and creating a new expense however, it's also possible to speed things up



Click on the Dashboard on the icon Expense (on the right) and a new expense will be created

Android / iPhone

Navigate to Expenses and click on the scanning icon (a square near the + sign). A camera is triggered immediately and you can save the image right away.

  • For information on uploading expenses directly from an email or as PDF click here


Billdu offers a bulk upload of expenses. 

  • There is a place for expenses on the dashboardwhich says "Drag and drop your bills here or click to upload"

  •  If you have expenses saved in your folder just select them and drag them to this area, or select "click to upload" and locate the files on your computer

  • You can save more items in this section. Billdu will show you how many expenses you've uploaded

  • Once ready, click on XX draft expenses. A new window with an expense will pop up where you can enter all necessary details for that particular expense

  • Click Save to save the expense

  • Click Save and next to save that expense and continue with the others.

  • Click Next draft expense to work with another uploaded expense. You will be able to work with the expense later

Note: The max. file size for an expense is 2MB. Billdu won't upload a file larger.

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