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Enable payment options

Set up online payments and bank details

Updated over a week ago

  • Click on ⚙ Settings and select Payment options

  • Select Bank transfer, Stripe or PayPal

  • For Bank transfer enter your Account holder name, Bank name and Account number

    Bank details will appear on new invoices and documents

  • Enable card payments with Stripe or PayPal to let your clients pay you online. A Pay now button will appear on your invoices and pro forma invoices. Learn more about PayPal and Stripe payments or online payments in general.

Website hint: You can enable/disable displayed bank accounts in the Client's Default settings on the Billdu website - these settings are applied only to invoices created on the website.

Note: In the case of two bank accounts, both will appear on the bottom of the invoice, but only the first account will appear in the color strip with the Stripe invoice template.

Note: Payments with PayPal or Stripe are enabled and handled by the respective company, not by Billdu.

The Pay Now button does not appear on the website in the preview or with a PDF download.

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