Turn on Quote requests and enable your potential customers to send you requests for a price offer. You can reply with a price offer - either with a quote or an estimate.

Switch on the Quote request either under More - Sales page - Quote request or navigate to Document - Estimates and click on the Quote request button. From now on, a Quote request tab appears on your Sales channels.

The Quote request tab on a Instant page on a mobile device

If you wish your customers to request specific services, click on Add service > and choose from your saved services list. You can also leave the service list empty.

Your customers can select a service, write more about the actual request, indicate a time-frame when the service is required (optional) and select a deciding factor (optional).

We will notify you about a new request with a push notification. The request appears in your Estimate list in the Documents section. Requests are displayed first in the list. Request details such as Client name, email address or phone number appear by clicking on it. You can reply to the client by clicking on the email address or call the customer by clicking on the phone number.

Or you click on Convert to Quote (or Convert to Estimate - based on your settings) and a new quote (or estimate) is created. It contains customer details and your service. You can change the price, date and other details. The note contains also a request description. The Quote/Estimate is now ready and you can send it to the customer.

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