Add services for booking

Enable your services to be booked by your customers

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There are 2 ways how to add a services for booking:


  • In the main menu of the navigate to Services

  • Select an existing service and edit it or create a new one

  • Your service should have a name, quantity, unit and price. You can add a description, discount and choose a tax.

  • Turn on Bookable by Customers online

  • Enter the duration of the service

  • Choose service providers - assign other team members

  • Select a collection to show services to different categories

  • Save


Android & Website

  • In the main menu navigate to Settings

  • In the section Business Tools click on Online Booking

  • Turn on the switcher Booking system. The sections General settings and Service list appear

  • In the section Service list click on Add service

  • You can either choose one of your saved services or create a new one by clicking on + sign in the upper right corner

  • Enter the duration of the service and set your availability

  • Click on Add in the upper right corner. The service is added to your Service list

  • Your service is now added to your Booking. You can preview it by clicking on Preview in the upper right corner

    Click on General settings to show or hide the Price, activate Payment options, set your Occupancy, connect your Calendar and add Privacy Policy

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