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Shipping and delivery
Shipping and delivery

General Settings of your Online Store

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Choose methods, fees and rates when you ship products to your customers. The final fee will appear as "Shipping" on your invoice and added up to invoice's total.

  • In the main menu click on ...More and select Sales Page
    on website select Sales Page from main menu

  • Click on Online Store

  • Click on General settings

  • Select Shipping and delivery

  • Selecting Shipping rates brings you to a new screen. Now in the Rate type field select a shipping rate you'd like to use.
    > None - for digital products and services
    > Free - just free shipping :)
    > Flat rate - applies the same rate for all purchases
    > Weight-based - applies a rate based on product's weight

  • When Flat rate or Weight-based is selected, in the section Rate list a new field Add rate appears.
    For a flat rate enter a name, amount and some additional information. You can add multiple flat rates, e.g. FedEX, post, express - 1st class, etc.
    For a weight-based shipping enter a name, delivery time and a weight range. You can add multiple weight ranges with different rates by clicking on + Add range.
    Note: The rates appear when a customer orders a product. When using a weight-based, the final shipping cost is calculated by weight. When using a flat rate, your customer can select between multiple shipping

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  • Now you can also enable Local pickup. A field "Pickup address" appears, click on it to add the pickup location.
    Note: This shipping option will appear with the flat rate or weight-based shipping option when your customer orders a product.

  • Click Back and then Save

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