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General Settings of your Online Store - Payment options

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Set up payment options for your customers. You can choose multiple options and make the payment process smooth, easy and convenient. A win-win situation for you and your customers.

  • In the main menu click on ...More and select Sales Page
    on website select Sales Page from main menu

  • Click on Online Store

  • Click on Payment options

  • Information from your business details is copied to Bank accounts. You can alter the bank information or erase it, if you don't want the option to appear as a payment method for customers

  • Card payments
    Stripe card payments - take a look here how to set up payments via Stripe
    NOTE: Apple Pay or Google Pay will appear automatically as an option on compatible devices. Your customers can choose the appropriate payment method for a faster payment
    PayPal payments - take a look here how to set up payments via PayPal

    NOTE: Card/PayPal payments are enabled if already turned on in your Payment options

  • Cash on delivery - enable this option if you wish to be paid at the delivery by the customer

  • Save the payment options to return back to Online Store

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