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Create expense

Create a new expense

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  • In the main menu click on ... More and select Expenses

  • Click on the + icon to create a new expense
    Hint: You can also create an expense directly from the dashboard by clicking on the + icon

  • Enter a Description, Amount and Category

  • Enter a Vendor
    Typing a name will show entries in your Client list.
    NOTE: A new vendor is saved into your Client list and counts as a client. Billdu does not have a dedicated Vendor section.

  • You can change the tax, date and optionally mark the expense as paid. You can choose another currency by clicking on Change currency ▼ under Amount

  • Choose Take photo to take a picture or Add photo to select an image from your device's gallery

  • When selecting or taking an image Billdu will automatically look for the bill's corners trying to crop the frame by removing any unwanted background. You can also adjust the crop by yourself

  • Click Save and a grey-scale preview appears

  • The grey-scale preview enhances the visibility of the text. You can also rotate the image and revert it back to a full-color image

  • Click on Next

  • The app adds Date and Sum automatically from the bill.
    NOTE: You should always check if the entries are correct.


  • Navigate to Expenses and click on New expense

  • Add a Name, Price (with or without tax), select a Category and Date

  • You can also add or create a Vendor, change Currency, set a Due date or add Reference No.

  • Mark as paid if the expense has been already paid

  • Add images, PDF files or other files to save with the expense. PDF files and images will be shown in a preview

  • Click Save


  • Vendors counts as clients, they are saved to your Clients section and you can also select a client as a vendor

  • Categories can be added and deleted on the Website in the section Expenses - Categories 

  • Read more about Recurring expense here

  • On the website you can switch the grid view from a simple list to a preview by clicking on the middle icon

Hint: Take a look here to learn more about how to speed up the process of expense saving and here how to upload expenses directly from emails. 

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