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Each Billdu account has a unique email address.

You can log in to Billdu with an email address you've used at the signup. It's the email address of your account.

You can also log in using Apple. In that case your account has a unique email address

Your email address can be found and changed under Settings - My team


  • Enter your email address

  • You'll get an email

  • Click on the Sign in button in the email


The link is expired

If a you see a message about an expired link

  • delete the email

  • go to the login screen

  • enter your email address again

  • you will receive a brand new link

Website opens instead of an app


  • Click on Sign in

  • hold your finger on the display for a while

  • a menu appears

  • select Open in Billdu


Clear the settings for opening links - take a look here to learn more. After clearing the default setting, when you take that action again, open the link in the email and your phone will ask you which app to use. Choose Billdu.


To sign in with a password, you must create one on the website under Settings - My team

or click here to change it. We email you a link to reset your password with further instructions.

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