The "Create" button

How to create documents from other documents (invoice from quote, delivery note from invoice, cash receipt, etc.)

Updated over a week ago

We have a magical button on our website, which creates Cash receipts and turns orders to quotes, quotes to invoices, and invoices to delivery notes. Preview a document and click on Create button in the upper left corner.

  • Create a cash receipt: Just add (partial) payment to an invoice, then click Create and choose Cash receipt

  • Create an order, a pro forma invoice and an invoice from an estimate

  • Create a delivery note and a credit note from an invoice

  • Create a pro forma invoice, an invoice and a delivery note from an order

  • Create an invoice and a delivery note from a pro forma invoice

Note: If you can't see some of the options above it's not available, or you've already used that option in the past on this document

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