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Choose a template

Change default settings such as color, layout and template. Hide, show or rename documents, rename labels and change texts

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You can choose a template under Settings - Template design & settings

Select one of our five templates: Stripe, Classic, Serif, Modern or Simple

Templates display different details (due payment, bank or company details), you can choose which one is best for your business.

Please note that some changes you make will take effect only on new documents.

What can you change:

  • Text size

    Change the text size to Large in the Template adjustment section

  • Language and currency, Payment method and Due date. In some countries options like Default delivery date, Reference as invoice No., QR code or Rounding are available (depending on your business location)

  • Item code, Quantity and unit, Discount, Tax column, Due date, Payment method, Item price rounding and Custom labels has an immediate impact on all your documents.

  • In the Estimate settings switch between using Quotes or Estimates. Take a look here to learn more.

  • Numbering

    You can change the format of your invoice numbering or set the next invoice number. Useful if you use your own numbering format or if your invoice list shall start with other invoice number than 1.
    Take a look here to learn more about numbering.

  • Change texts on invoices and other documents

    Enter a headline and a note which will appear on all new documents on yours. Use an asterisk for a *bold font* on your Notes

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