As a default setting Billdu shows numbers with two decimal places on invoices, documents, in the invoice list and in the statistics. In the mobile app this setting is influenced by your local settings. On iOS devices navigate to Settings - General - Language & Region - Region where you can see a preview of the current number format and decimal places. On Android devices it can be found mostly at Settings - System. Please see the instructions for your mobile device.

On the website you can change the decimal places on an invoice to 2,3 or 4 at Settings - Document Settings - Item price rounding. As the label says, you can change the decimal places for items. The Total, Amount due and other summaries will still be rounded up to 2 decimal places. These settings affect only PDF files created or sent from the website and the online links to invoices.

Rounding on invoices

The total price, total price with VAT and VAT are calculated from the summary of item's netto prices. The item's netto price is the basic unit from which all calculations are performed. Because of this, there might happen on some occasions that the overall Total or VAT summary on an invoice differs at 0.01. This is not an error as there are more ways to perform rounding on invoices.


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