Based on your subscription, you can add one or more team members to your account. 

A user can have an Manager or an Employee role (or an Accountant)

  • An Manger is similar to an Owner but. A Manager can see all documents, add users and edit company details

  • An Employee sees only documents created by him/herself. The access is restricted to simple document creation.

  • Go to Settings - My Team

  • Enter Name and Email of the user

  • Choose a User role - Employee or Manger

  • Select which Businesses can the user access under Access to businesses

  • Click on Invite or Send invitation

  • An email will be delivered to the given email address with a link. The user will be prompted to enter a name, thus creating and linking the account to yours. 


  • In the invoice list and Timeline, you can see which user created which invoice

  • Every user has its signature, which appears on invoices - it can be added under Settings - My businesses - Signature or by adding it to Settings - My team on the website.

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