You can add images directly to invoices which will be saved in the invoice itself.
To learn more about how to add an image take a look here.

Other document types such as PDF documents, XLS sheets or other document types can be sent with an e-mail as an attached file.  


  • Select a document and click on Email
  • A new window with the iOS Mail App pops up
  • Click on the text of the email message and hold your finger for 1 second
  • A menu pops up
  • Select the arrows to Add attachment or Insert photo or video


  • Click on the Email Icon to send the chosen document
  • A new window Send by mail pops up 
  • Click on Choose file
  •  Locate the attachment you'd like to add to your email message
  • You can add any kind of files with a max. size up to 5MB (together) 

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