Your date filter is probably set to This year. Change the time-frame and you will see more of your documents.


  • The date filter is in the upper row in your invoice list and says This year or This month. 
  • Change the filter to a wider time range to see all your invoices (Lifetime).


  • Tap on This year - it's the most upper text when you take a look onto your invoice list
  • A menu appears where you can select more time ranges
  • Tap on Last year or Lifetime

Also check your fiscal year start. It may be set to a date span that does not include the current date. Check the settings at Settings - Document settings - Tax years begins

   2. If you're another team member invited by someone else to join the Billdu account please make sure you have the correct user rights. Users set as "Employee" will see only the documents created by themselves

  3.  Make sure you're logged in with a correct e-mail address. It may happen that you've create another account thus having more accounts at Billdu with different data sets

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