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Change for more businesses - June 2023
Change for more businesses - June 2023

A subscription change for more businesses in an account

Updated over a week ago

Starting June 20th 2023, we change the way our subscriptions work.

The two main changes:

  • you can add as many businesses as you need

  • every business needs a separate subscription

When will the change happen?

After June 20th 2023, we will publish a new update of Billdu for iOS, Android and on the website. You can decide not to install the update on your mobile device if you disagree with this change.

Who is impacted?

Only accounts with more businesses will notice a change.

If you have one business in your account, everything stays the same for you.

Why do we do this change?

We listened to you and decided to make a change. Many users demanded separate subscriptions for their businesses, to be able to stop or change a subscription for a selected business or to add more than 5 businesses.

After this change, it will be possible to have, e.g. two Lite subscriptions for your two businesses instead of one Premium. Or you can keep only one subscription for one of your businesses.

Does the subscription prices change?

Our subscription prices stay the same. You will find our price list here.

How does it work for more businesses?

If you have an account with more businesses, the Premium subscription stays activated for your first business. Also, the Premium subscription stays activated for other businesses for max. three months (it will be shorter if the subscription ends sooner).

Afterwards, buying a subscription for the other business is necessary - it can be any subscription, monthly or annual. You must switch to the business and purchase a subscription under Settings - Subscription.

The Premium subscription for your first business stays and will be renewed as it did before. You can also cancel or change it.


You have three businesses in your account. You use two of them regularly and one occasionally. You have a Premium subscription which ends in nine months.

After the change in June, all businesses retain a Premium subscription - the first business for nine months, the other two for three months.

After three months, the subscription for the two businesses runs out. You can buy any subscription by switching to the business and navigating to Settings - Subscription.

The first business retains the Premium subscription unless you change it.

What happens when a business has no subscription?

You can have more businesses in your Billdu account and only pay a subscription for one business.

You can see and access data in businesses that have no subscription. You can download or export the documents (invoices, estimates... ), but you won't be able to edit or send them or create new documents in that business.

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