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Pricing changes - June 2021
Pricing changes - June 2021

Unlimited documents and limited clients

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A new pricing June 2021 makes it possible to have unlimited invoices (also pro forma invoices and credit notes) and expenses for everyone.

Subscriptions Standard and Premium contain unlimited estimates/quotes, orders, delivery notes and appointments.

Why is there a client limit and what does it mean?

The new pricing is fairer and reflects on the actual size of businesses. Many of our users asked for unlimited documents as well, and we've taken that into account. The new pricing is a mix of unlimited documents, several new features in all subscription packages and client limits based on business size.

What happens when I reach the client limit?

You can easily switch to a higher subscription plan anytime and continue to work with Billdu. It's possible to delete a client, but please be aware that any statistics, overview on the dashboard and many other features can be affected by this and may not work as expected.

Can I keep my old subscription?

For sure. We don't cancel your previous subscription if you're already subscribed. If you've bought a subscription before and it renews every months or year (that means it's recurring), you can stay with it as long as it renews. The price remains the same for you, and the number of documents and clients stays the same for you as it was before.

However, if you want to enjoy unlimited documents and go with our new subscription, you can cancel it and buy a new subscription plan.

Where can I see a full list with the new subscriptions?

You can take a look at the new subscription plans here

Scroll down to see the full feature specification.

Can I see a comparison between the new and the old subscription plans?

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