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How to subscribe
How to subscribe
Updated over a week ago

To use Billdu to its full extent, you need a subscription. You can obtain a monthly or a yearly subscription and also choose between several subscription types. Subscription plans differ according to the number of saved clients and document types, but also on other features. Take a look at our price list with all features displayed.

Automatic renewal

If your payment method allows it, you will be charged automatically next time. We will notify you by an e-mail message or you'll get a message from Apple/Google. The message contains information on how to cancel the subscription renewal.

You can subscribe either directly with Billdu, with Apple or with Google Play. By subscribing with another service as Billdu, the terms and conditions of the respective service applies.


  • Tap on ⚙️ Settings and select Subscription

  • Look up all available subscription types by sliding horizontally

  • In the upper row, choose Annually or Monthly depending on whether you wish to buy a monthly or an annual subscription. Changing the switcher changes the subscription price. Document types (Invoice, Estimate, Quote, etc.) and available active clients are shown in the description

  • Tap on the green button with a price to buy a subscription

  • Confirm the charge for selected subscription. You have to be signed into your Apple/Google account to buy the subscription

  • You'll receive an invoice from Apple/Google


  • Click on Settings and go to Subscription

  • Click on the Buy subscription button

  • Choose a subscription type and click Order

  • Choose a period: 1 month or 12 months

  • Select a payment method

  • After a successful payment your subscription is activated and you'll receive an invoice from us 

An annual subscription can paid also by a Bank transfer. Contact our support team for more details.

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