When you see a message saying, "Dear user, you've reached the limit of your saved clients. Upgrade to a higher subscription to add more clients", then you've already created the maximal number of clients that your current subscription allows.

We offer different subscriptions, which allow different customer quantities - take a look at our pricing. For instance, our Premium subscription contains an unlimited number of saved clients.

What are the options now?

  • The best option is to upgrade to a higher subscription, All your clients stay saved in your account, and you can create new ones.

  • Alternatively, you can delete customers you don't need anymore in your evidence. However, please be aware that you lose your Inbox's communication and customer-based statistics by deleting a customer.

Note: Our new subscription plans (since June 2021) have a certain number of active clients your Billdu account can contain. The subscription plans before June 2021 have limited number od documents, not clients.

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