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Change Client details on a document
Change Client details on a document

Change client's address, email and other details on your invoice

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iPhone and Android

  • In the invoice list edit an invoice and click on the client's name

  • A new window with client's details appears

  • Change client's data and click on Save

  • Select No to change the data only on the invoice
    or select Yes to change also client's details saved in the Client section


  • Change client details in the Client list

  • Edit the document and remove the client by clicking on X

  • Add a client and select the corrected client from the list

  • Save the document


  • In the Client's list edit the client and change its details - name, address, e-mail

  • Edit the invoice and select another client (any client will do)

  • Save the invoice

  • Edit the invoice again

  • Select the right client

  • Save again

Now the actual data from the client has been refreshed in the invoice, and you will see the new client's details.

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