You can change many default settings under  Settings - Document settings  in your Billdu account such as language, payment method, template, color,  numbering and tax related features. Please note that many changes will take effect only on new documents and your past documents stay unchanged.

  • Go to Settings - Document settings
    Website: choose Document settings, VAT settings, Numbering, Texts, E-mail settings, Automatic reminders and Local settings
    Mobile app: you'll find E-mail templates & settings and Automatic reminders in  separate sections
  • You can pre-define the default language and currency of your invoices as well as Payment method and Due date. In some countries options like Default delivery date, Reference as invoice No, QR code or Rounding may be available as well (depending on your business location)
  • Change the color on your invoices in the Template settings, switch between Estimate/Quote usage, change Order status and set up the Fiscal year start
  • You can switch on/off the rating on your online invoices (only on the Billdu website)
  • Template settings such as Item code, Quantity and unit, Discount, Tax column, Due date, Payment method, Item price rounding and Custom labels have immediate impact on all your documents. 

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