Based on your subscription, you can add more team members to your account. 

A user can have an Owner or an Employee role. 

  • An Owner is similar to an Account owner but can't buy a subscription or create new companies. An Owner can see all documents, add users and edit company details

  • An Employee sees only documents created by him/herself. The access is restricted to simple document creation. You can also restrict users from seeing/accessing specific businesses. If you have e.g., two companies and select only one of them, the user won't be able to see any data from the other company

In the invoice list and Timeline, you can see which user created which invoice. Every user has its signature, which appears on invoices - it can be added under Settings - My businesses - Signature or by adding it to Settings - My team on the website.

  • Go to Settings - My Team

  • Click on New user account or Add a new user

  • Enter Name and Email of the user and other information if necessary

  • Choose a User role - Employee or Owner- Both roles can be assigned from an Owner. An Owner can be created just by the Account owner

  • Select which Businesses can the user access under Access to businesses

  • Click on Invite or Send invitation

  • An email message "Please join my company at Billdu" will be delivered to the given email address with a link. The user will be prompted to enter a password, thus creating and linking the account to yours. 

How to add a team member on a mobile device:



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