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Keep track of your appointments with customers and synchronize appointments to your calendar. You can invoice your customers later.

If you want your customers to book your services online, take a look here to learn more. Online bookings create appointments automatically.

Create an appointment:

  • In the mobile app click on ...More and select Appointments
    On the website select Appointments from the main menu

  • Click on + Create appointment

  • Add a new client or choose a client from the list

  • Enter the Start and End date

  • Attach a service or product from your list

  • Add a location or a note if necessary

  • Click on Save

  • A preview with your appointment appears

You can now:

  • send the appointment to you client by email

  • share the appointment

  • bill the appointment / create an invoice
    The client and services will be used in an invoice.

  • navigate to the address

  • add the appointment to your Calendar and synchronize the appointments with a calendar.
    Once the synchronization is turned on, all appointments will appear in your calendar

  • on the website you can also download the appointment in the iCal format

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