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Boost your online visibility by creating a Public Business Profile. A public profile is your business card to the online world. Present yourself and your company by adding images, your address, business hours and a business description. Your status can show if you’re available fir hire or currently busy.

All your information is displayed in your online company profile when customers visit you on your preferred sales channel - your website or on your Instant website.

  • Your public profile can be accessed and edited at More - Sales Page - Public profile

  • When you visit your Public profile for the first time, Billdu asks you if you want to populate the Public profile with your business data. Select Yes and the Name, Address, Email, Phone number and Website from your Business details will be filled in.
    You can change and add it anytime later

  • Choose a background by clicking on the camera icon. You can take a photo with your camera, choose from image your gallery or from an online image gallery

  • Choose a logo by clicking on the camera icon. You can take a photo, choose an image from your gallery or use your business logo from your Business settings

  • Turn on Business hours to let your customers know when you're available

  • You can optionally choose a Category of your business

Your Public profile is available online at the address BILLDU.ME/your-business-name
Take a look here to learn more about Sales channels

Click here to see how a profile looks like on an Instant website

An example of a public business profile:

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