When buying a subscription, a full price is charged regardless of any previous subscriptions as a general rule. However, we understand that sometimes you may find out you should have bought another subscription type. In this case, you may want to consider a subscription upgrade. 

iOS (Apple iTunes)

  • Beginning 1st Feb 2019 with Billdu version 4.1.28: If you've bought a subscription and decided to buy a higher subscription, you'll pay a full price, but Apple will send you a refund or a partial depending on how long you've used the previous subscription. This does not apply for subscriptions and recurring subscriptions bought before this date. 

If an upgrade is possible, you'll see
this message while buying a subscription:

  • If you've bought a subscription in the iOS app (Apple App Store) before February 2019 and bought another subscription later, you will be charged the full price. Take a look at your Apple subscriptions and make sure you have only one subscription active. Otherwise, you may be charged the next billing period for both subscriptions.


Version 4.2.6 (published on 9th Aug 2019) comes with renewable subscriptions and upgrades. You can buy any higher subscription with your Google Play account, and Google will charge you the difference only. Google Play calculates the final price and it's based on how long you've already used Billdu. 


There's no automatic upgrade for Billdu subscriptions yet. We encourage you to contact us and apply for an upgrade. Our team will take a look at your current subscription and reply to you with an upgrade offer if possible. A tax may be charged in this case - take a look here

Please note: 

If you've bought an initial subscription in the mobile app and switched to a subscription from another platform, make sure your original subscription is canceled. Otherwise, it may automatically renew at the next billing period. Billdu can't stop or change your subscriptions made with other platforms such as Google or Apple; those can be handled only by you. 



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