Import clients and items

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You can import Clients or Services/Products in one batch. The imported file has to be an Excel file (XLS or XLSX), and your the data must be sorted in columns.

Make sure that entries with numbers (price, quantity, or tax) contain only numbers. There should be no symbols like $, € or % or empty spaces. 

Some entries are mandatory, such as name, price, country code or quantity

Importing an Item or Client overwrites an Item or Client with the same name.

Before importing a large number of data, we recommend to try it with a smaller sample first. 

  • On the Billdu website go to Clients , Services or Products section and click on Import

  • Select letters of the respective columns to match your Excel file
    (e.g. Name is in column B, Street is in column D, Tax ID number is in column A, etc.,)

  • Select whether your import file has a header

  • Click on Browse to locate your import file and click on Import

  • If your data was imported successfully, a green message appears

  • Check your email for a confirmation message

These sample XLS files may help you:

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