Barcode scanner
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Enable barcode scanner in Settings

Add it to a product

  • Navigate to Products and either create or edit an item

  • Select the barcode icon next to Item code

  • A window with your camera opens

  • If a message appears "Billdu would like to access the Camera" click OK

  • Scan the barcode - Billdu automatically reads the code

  • Now the number sequence of the barcode appears in the Item code

  • Select Save

Use it in an invoice

  • Edit or create an invoice or other document

  • Add an item 

  • Click on "Choose from services, products, expenses" on the black bottom bar

  • Select the barcode icon in the upper right corner

  • A window with your camera opens

  • Scan the barcode

  • The app reads the code and adds the right item

  • Select Save to save the item to the invoice

USEFUL HINT: Loads of products with EAN codes? Import them using our import feature.

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