The Notification center is displayed on the right side of your Billdu website. Depending on the display size, it's either a bell or a list. 

You will be notified when

  • your invoice or pro-forma invoice have been paid with Stripe
  • a user of yours created a document
  • a user of yours added or removed payment from an invoice

A notification will be marked as read when you click on it or when you click Mark all as read. By clicking on Show all, you'll get to an extended Notification center screen where you can browse between all previous notifications.


By enabling Push-Notifications on your device (you may get a message when running Billdu for the first time to enable notifications) you'll receive information whether a document has been viewed by your client. 

In the case of Stripe payments, you will be notified once your invoice has been paid.

To enable or disable push-notifications, take a look at Apple's user guide. Billdu asks you after an installation whether you want to allow the Push-Notifications.

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