System requirements

Required browsers, as well as iOS and Android versions

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Billdu runs in your browser and requires an active internet connection.  We recommend to use
on Macintosh - Chrome or Firefox
on PC - Chrome of Firefox

You can use other browsers as well but we can't guarantee it'll behave stable or error-free.
Billdu won't work properly with Internet Explorer (deprecated). The new Edge browser from Microsoft behaves better, however sometimes it doesn't fully meet some of the newest standards and technologies.

When using Safari, there seems to be a problem related to Apple's latest update for this browser, causing unexpected disconnections. We recommend that you use other web browsers. In addition, you might consider activating Safari's private mode, which could temporarily alleviate the problem.

You can open the website also on your mobile device in a mobile browser as well but please be aware that mobile browsers natively don't support all technologies and features as regular browsers.

iOS - iPhone and iPad

You can run Billdu on an iPhone, iPad or iPad Pro. Billdu requires iOS 11 in order to run properly. Unfortunately we can't support older iOS versions because of their lack of many important features and security vulnerabilities.

In case you encounter any kind of app crash, please make sure your crash reports are received by our developer team. On your mobile device go to Settings - Privacy - Analytics and enable 'Share iPhone/iPad  Analytics" and 'Share with App Developers'. When enabled every crash that occurs will be sent to our tech. dpt. After that we can analyze it and proceed with an update. 


Billdu requires Android 6 and higher in order to run smoothly. There are plenty of different devices with various Android versions (which are many times altered by their respective vendors), should you encounter an app crash, please contact us and we'll try to fix it ASAP. 

Note: It's generally not recommended to use the Billdu app with any beta releases of operating systems as we can't guarantee the stability of our app

PC or Mac app

We do not provide an app for PC or Mac

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