You can add your company logo which appears on your documents. T


  • Click on the ⚙ Settings

  • Select Business details

  • Your company details appear

  • Scroll to the bottom and click on Logo

  • Select Insert image from camera roll

  • Choose an image. You can now crop and rotate the image

  • Click on ✓

  • A preview of the invoice with your logo appears. You can delete the logo or go Back

  • On the bottom of the list click on Signature

  • Tap on Insert image or Sign by finger. You can now choose an image or create a signature right in the app

  • A preview of the invoice with your signature appears. You can delete the signature or go Back

  • You can now Save the business settings


  • Go to Settings

  • Click on Business details 

  • Buttons to upload images with your logo and signature are at the bottom in the section Signature and Logo

The size of your logo on the invoice depends on the picture's size and dimensions. Use a picture in a JPG or PNG format.

A recommended resolution is 600x400px. Images with another resolutions are stretched to fit the proportions.

The max. size of an image is 2MB.

Note: Changes in business settings will take effect on the next document you create. It won't affect documents created previously.

Hint: Take a look here to learn more about choosing your own template, invoice color and other details, which are displayed on invoices. You can also pre-set texts, dates and alter document names.

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