Lock your app with Touch ID or Face ID

Updated over a week ago


With Touch or Face ID enabled, you can lock your Billdu app. Enable the Touch or Face ID lock under ⚙️Settings - Security and choose a Lock Timer. The app will lock itself if you don't use it for a set time interval or if woken up from a sleep mode. Face ID works only with iOS devices.



The website will automatically perform a logout after 6 hours of inactivity. This is a security precaution in case you close your browser without logging out from Billdu. After 6 hours, you will be automatically logged out.

If you wish to stay logged in for longer, select "Stay logged in" when logging in. We will keep you logged in for 50 days.


The process of creating an invoice or estimate without saving it for more than 6 hours is NOT considered as activity. You should save your documents regularly. 

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