To use Billdu to its full extent, you need a subscription. You can obtain a monthly or a yearly subscription and also choose between several subscription types.

Our subscriptions are auto-renewable if your payment method allows it. You will be notified by an e-mail message if this is the case.


  • Click on Settings and go to Subscription
  • Click on the Buy subscription button
  • Choose a subscription type and click Order
  • Choose a period: 1 month or 12 months
  • Select a payment method
  • After a successful payment your subscription is activated and you'll receive an invoice from us 

In case of a bank transfer (currently available only for payments in euro) it may take up to 5 days until the subscription is activated. You're welcome to send us a proof of payment to speed up the activation of your subscription.


  • In the Menu tap on Settings and select Subscription
  • Look up all available subscription types by sliding horizontally 
  • In the upper row, choose Annually or Monthly depending on whether you wish to buy a monthly or an annual subscription. Changing the switcher changes the number of available documents and the subscription price. The amount of shown documents is available for the chosen period
  • Tap on the green button with a price to buy a subscription
  • Confirm the charge for your subscription. You have to be signed into your Apple account or Google Play account to buy the subscription
  • You'll receive an invoice from Apple/Google
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