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What will the new apps do?
What will the new apps do?
Updated over a week ago

Billdu will consist from four apps.

All apps share the same business details, clients, products, services and several other settings. The data is synchronized between all apps.

To access the same data/account, you need to be logged in with the same email you find at Settings - My team.

Invoice Maker

The Invoice maker app is the main app. It retains all your invoices, estimates/quotes, credit notes, pro forma invoices and delivery notes. You can create statements, cash receipts and use all features of invoice making.

PLEASE NOTE: You will find your Purchase orders in the eCommerce Store app

Appointments & Booking

The Appointments app will manage your appointments, bring recurring appointments and work as a calendar for your online bookings. If you use Online Bookings, you should also use the Appointments app as they will also appear here.

Instant Website

Instant website is your personal webpage and your online profile. It provides everything for your clients to purchase products, book services or request quotes. You can customize its content and appearance, add opening hours and links to social media.

eCommerce Store

eCommerce Store is a simple online store which can be set up in less than 5 minutes and gives you all the necessary tools to sell your products online. Features like Online Store and Quote Requests (from the Sales Page menu in the Billdu app) now appear in the eCommerce Store app.

You will also find your Purchase Orders here.

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